Try this for an energy boost

21 Mar

During those moments when you’re feeling not so ‘super’ or a bit zapped of energy it’s good to have a handful of stuff to do to make yourself feel like yourself again. For me it’s having a green smoothie, going to yoga or the gym, getting out in nature, rolling out on my foam roller or meditating. A new addition to the mix which I love is a ‘happy song’.

Joshua Rosenthal (Founder of Integrative Nutrition) mentioned the importance of a happy song to boost your mood a few weeks ago during a lecture on self-care. So I’ve been doing it daily and I must say how surprised I am at the change of my mood and energy! It’s great not only when I’m feeling flat but any time of the day to get a boost of energy :).

What’s a happy song?

Choose a song that makes you smile and have the INTENTION of boosting your mood and energy levels during and after the tune. This especially worked for me last week when I was on my way to another night shift after barely 4 hours sleep (groan).  So I had a choice to either keep feeling like shit and sorry for myself or I could try this little trick to zap me out of this mood… I pumped up ‘Miracle Mile’ by the Cold War Kids in the car and sang at the top of my lungs and danced as much as I could whilst sitting down (lots of shoulder shaking and bopping side to side)… And lo and behold it worked! I felt happier and lighter and didn’t dread the next 10hrs- whoop! This sure beats scoffing processed sugar, a coffee or (gasp) an energy drink!

Consciously choosing the intention of feeling better has a powerful effect of uplifting your mood. So give this a go, set yourself a happy song each day and dance and sing to it like nobody is watching.

Go ahead, loosen up a bit and let your happy song ‘feed’ you.



One Response to “Try this for an energy boost”

  1. Superfoods April 20, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    When I workout, I drink a superfood drink with kelp and other great juices. Gives you real energy fast.

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