About Me

Namaste Hi there!

My name is Kim and I am currently studying to be a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For as long as I can remember health and food have been my passion. It is through this passion that I have enjoyed researching Superfoods and their amazing impact on ones health.

Like the philosophy at Integrative Nutrition I believe in the concept of ‘crowding out’ meaning if you add more whole, nutritious and superfoods to your diet, you will crowd out the unhealthy foods. Therefore, it is only natural that cravings for unhealthy foods will lessen.

I am a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit by trade but am excited to make the switch into the world of preventative health.

Why Super You?

As we know it’s not only the foods that we eat that make us feel the way we feel. Things that also make me feel ‘super’ are thinking and acting positive, weight training, yoga, being grateful, affirmations, meditation, interval training and being present.

Through this blog I hope to provide you with inspiration and information on Superfoods and how to become a Super You!



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